KIDS in Tees

I love kids in tees. Every time I see cute tees at the shop, my belly is tickled. I surely want to have one. But there’s time when I couldn’t find ’em cute enough. So, I do some internet research, grab my pencil, my notes, my mac, my husband… and *PUFF! I have new tees for my lovely child, and yours.

WE ARE NOT {MONSTER} Series – Batch #1

olive drab on dark green

dull red on faded yellow

dodger blue on faded lime

light sky blue on prussian blue


WE ARE NOT {MONSTER} Series – Batch #1

  • combed cotton 40s
  • 2 plastic click buttons
  • jahit rantai
  • rubber print

S : lebar 30cm, panjang 43cm
M : lebar 32cm, panjang 46cm
L : lebar 35cm, panjang 48 cm

Available on S,M,L

Prize: IDR 60rb/item. Exclude shipping

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